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Feline Friday – #107 – posers or poseurs

This pose scared me. Is Freddie morphing into a boombox or is the boombox morphing into Freddie?

A poseur is someone who poses for effect, or behaves affectedly, who affects a particular attitude, character or manner to impress others, or who pretends to belong to a particular group. (en.wikipedia.org). Sometimes I get the feeling this definition fits Frankie to a T… or is that an F for Feline?



In the above two photos Freddie is demonstrating two of his favorite sleep positions. So far I’ve catalogued 1,237 distinct different positions (!)

I’m not crazy about either of the cats sleeping on the desk but at least Frankie fits in between the keyboard and monitor somewhat better than Freddie The Giant Cat


Hey, Freddie knows good art when he sees it so he likes to snuggle up to my painting of the Alaskan Fjords in this tiny basket.

Frankie Freddie

Surprisingly, Frankie is more of a book worm… and he admires my tile collection too!

These guys certainly look like they are sleeping the slumber of the dead but I hope they don’t need that final expense life insurance anytime soon!

Oh no, Freddie did it again. He hit the power switch with his Big Butt and just as Columbo was about to explain how he figured out who the murderer was, the TV shut off. This happens about five times an hour. And, you may notice he knocked the antenna off on to the floor. But I have to admit I’m getting a better picture now!


Feline Friday – #36 – inspecting the new TV

frankie freddie

Last week I said goodbye to my beloved 14-year-old 32-inch Sony Trinitron TV. It was the size of a Volkswagen bus and filled up half the living room.

As it was an analog TV and as I don’t have cable or satellite service, I had to use a digital converter box which completely died about a year ago. Before that the box became ill and could only show me the top half of the screen and I had to guess what was going on in the bottom half of the screen. Perhaps it was just as well I didn’t know…

I could, however, use it perfectly well to play DVDs.

2015 was the year I lived at Best Buy. I was in there so many times I believe the doorman must have thought I was a homeless person using the restroom (which is very nice, by the way). He stopped greeting me. The sales people came to recognize me and ran off in the opposite direction… after all, why would a little old lady in jeans and a baseball cap who came into the store twice a week and stared at the TVs, talking to herself, be dropping the big bucks on a good TV? I don’t blame them… I’m surprised they didn’t call the cops…

Maybe I’m exaggerating a little… but not by much…

I made it easier on myself because I knew I would either buy a Sony, as that is the brand of TVs I’ve owned for as long as I can remember, or a Samsung as my computer monitor, tablet and smartphone are that brand.

I hate making these kinds of decisions. On top of that, there are so many variations of TV: LED, OLED, curved screen, smart, 4K ultra HD, 3D, blah blah blah…

Then the size… all I knew was I wanted a bigger TV than 32-inch as that is the size I have in my office (Best Buy house brand, Insignia, that I bought on sale at the end of the year maybe a couple of years ago, the previous year’s model, the last box in the store… for a song… and I can’t even sing…)

40-inch? 55-inch? 60-inch? 65-inch? Oh, the agony.

My closest Best Buy (we actually have TWO in our little town of Culver City which must say something about the demographics although I’m not sure what) is a 25-minute walk from my house. Sometimes I walk up there to the Ralphs supermarket, sometimes to treat myself to Panda Express or a Subway sandwich. But I never drive there. It’s a reason for a 50-minute round-trip walk. So I wasn’t only going to Best Buy to look at TVs. At least, that’s my excuse…

Recently one friend purchased a 49-inch Sony 4K smart TV and another decided on the 55-inch. I was beside myself with jealousy.

So one day I was out driving (I only take my car out when I am picking up stuff too heavy or bulky to carry on the bus) when my car made a sudden left turn and drove up Overland Avenue, heading towards the Best Buy at Culver Center. I had no control over the steering wheel or brake. I thought for sure I was in an episode of the X-Files.

Next thing I knew my car was parking at Best Buy. Then I must have blacked out for a while because when I came to I was signing some paperwork.

“What day would be good for delivery?” asked the man in the blue polo shirt, who I had never seen in my life before.

“Uh, uh, Monday I guess,” I heard myself saying.

And so it was done. The Sony 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV was going to be replacing my dear Trinitron.

What can I say, except why didn’t I do it sooner? A couple of people asked me why didn’t I get the 65-inch TV. I don’t know… I’m very happy with the 55-inch. The wall it is installed on goes from 17 feet to 20 feet high so I could easily install an IMAX screen there. But it isn’t always about the biggest. I’m comfortable with the size of it. And the picture is fabulous!

Saturday morning I was watching one of my favorite shows, Wild Photo Adventures with Doug Gardner on KCET Link, an independent Los Angeles public TV Station.

As the Trinitron no longer takes up all the space on the cabinet (and the flat screen is installed on the wall) there is now room for the felines in front of the TV.

Freddie is still in the discovery stage as you can see at the top of this page.


Satisfied that everything was okay, he felt comfortable enough to have a wash.

frankie freddie

Not wanting Freddie to steal all the thunder, Frankie decided to disturb his peaceful spot (what else is new?).


Previously, Frankie had discovered the new Blu Ray player that I bought specifically for this TV. (So far I’m just playing my old DVDs.) His favorite new trick is to press the on/off button when I am watching a movie, aarrrggghh… FRANKIE!!!!!

So in order to foil him I put this miniature London double decker bus in front of the switch, as you can see in the above photo.

But to no avail. Frankie figured that one out in a nano-second and batted it on to the floor.


I give up!

I don’t have a photo of him in the act, but the first night I had the TV, I heard Pharoah pitter pattering down the stairs and running across the living room floor. He jumped up on the TV cabinet, sniffed every square inch thoroughly, then when he was sure it was all in order, he ran back up the stairs.

So I think we are all agreed now that this was a good purchase.

And in case you are wondering, that box set of DVDs under the screen is Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

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