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Feline Friday – #20 – Foothill lives on


I was looking through some old photos to pick one for today’s post. I came across some photos from around 1985. Is that REALLY 30 years ago?

The cat in the above photo is Foothill.

freddie cat

The cat in the second photo (taken about a year ago) is Freddie, my current cat.

foothill cat

As you can see, Foothill is missing his tail. He was in an argument with a garage door and he lost. But it never slowed him down.

freddie cat

This last photo is Freddie again, from a few months ago.

As I was looking at the photos of Foothill it blew me away how similar his markings are to Freddie’s. I never thought about it before.

When I went to the shelter for a new cat in 2013 (after my Tuxedo Friday passed away) I was looking for a full blown Tuxedo cat. But when Freddie decided to adopt me, what could I do? So I came home without a Tuxedo cat… but now I realize I have another Foothill.

Maybe Foothill was waiting to be reincarnated into the right body!

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The naughtiest cat in the universe

freddie the cat

When Freddie came to live at our house in August he was the sweetest little cat I had ever met. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have adopted the perfect cat.

Wellllll, time marches on. Freddie evidently realized pretty soon that he had a permanent home. So he didn’t have to be on his best behavior anymore. And a whole other cat emerged.

I never believed in the devil before but I have definitely met the Cat Devil.

freddie the cat

Just look at this sweet, innocent-looking cat just waiting for somebody to come and give him a cuddle.

freddie the cat

Now do you see Beezlebub behind those cunning eyes?

freddie the cat

Yes, dear, I know it’s dinner time.

As i write this, there is a lot of commotion going on downstairs. I keep (or I used to until Freddie arrived) rubber bands and twist ties in a jar in the kitchen. Now they are spread all over the house and when I want to use one I have to hunt for it. Sometimes by the time I find one, the rubber band is in five pieces. And the twist tie will be so chewed up it is unrecognizable.

freddie the cat

Although he was playing with this twist tie for at least half an hour, when I wanted to take a photo of him in action, he refused to comply and would only stand there staring at me. So here is Freddie with his twist tie. Of course, as soon as I started up the stairs he went back to throwing it in the air and chasing it across the floor!

freddie the cat

The cats have a choice of the roof deck or the front balcony for some fresh air. Previously, neither Friday nor Pharaoh was able to escape out into the street as I had installed garden fencing all the way around the top railings. Along comes Freddie!

One night I couldn’t find him anywhere. So I figured he was hiding somewhere in the house. By 5:00am I still couldn’t sleep worrying about him. So I went outside and looked down into the walkway. I heard this unmistakeable squeaking. Freddie had managed to get out into the street but I had no idea how.

A few days later my downstairs neighbor called me asking if I knew anything about a black and white cat who had ended up in her place. The cat had no collar. Of course, I knew it was Freddie. He must have lost his collar in the escape.

freddie the cat

The next day Freddie and I were out on the balcony watching the people walking by with their strollers and dogs. The next thing I knew Freddie was staring back at me from way up in the tree! It all happened so fast, it was like he sprouted wings and flew into the tree. I was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to jump back over the fence into the balcony. So I ran upstairs to put on some street shoes so I could hopefully coax him down to the front lawn. Before I could even get to the bedroom Freddie was under my feet!

I have now installed chicken wire on that side of the balcony and so far he has not figured out a way around it!

freddie the cat

I bought him a really nice, no expense spared scratching post. But of course, he prefers to trim his claws on the furniture.

freddie the cat

You can just see the corner of the scratching post just inches to the left of the table leg that he prefers to scratch on. I think he is saying “This is what I think of your dumb scratching post! You can’t fool me!”

freddie the cat

And paper towels? They are best of all because you can carry them all over the house and leave a mess in every room!

freddie the cat

Freddie likes to investigate to make sure everything is in working order. Good thing I was paying attention as I was about to throw in a load of laundry!

freddie the cat

This was a pretty close call with the dishwasher! One of these days, Freddie….

freddie the cat

Not to be missed is the daily shower… we all know that water dripping out of a faucet is so much more tasty than out of the drinking bowl.

freddie the cat

But there is nothing more fun than hopping into the refrigerator! I tried closing the door on him and leaving him in the cold and dark for a minute at a time…. but you guessed it…. he enjoyed being in there and refused to come out! Because he hides in the back behind the water jug, if I don’t see him when I am leaving the house, I have to check in the fridge to make sure he is not taking a cool nap in there.

freddie the cat

I bought this interesting looking fresh ginger at the farmers’ market. Of course I couldn’t keep Freddie out of the shot.

freddie the cat

This eggplant had a crazy pattern on it. Freddie thought the stalk was more interesting. I couldn’t get one clean shot of the eggplant by itself so I finally gave up.

freddie the cat

In the office Freddie is a major help. As soon as I get up from my chair, Freddie is eager to keep the chair warm for me.

freddie the cat

Here he is checking out the recycling bin… I don’t know, are cats recyclable?

freddie the cat

And we don’t want to leave the keyboard unattended… who knows what might happen… %^&*()kj&*&^&^%hjhkjhk…

freddie the cat

Even Freddie has to take a nap once in a while. A rare moment of domestic bliss when he is not chasing, jumping out at, or stealing food from Pharoah.

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Introducing Freddie Romeo


Introducing Freddie Romeo

As you know, my beloved cat Friday passed away on Sunday, July 21 of this year. As we had spent eighteen wonderful years together it was an incredibly sad day. He will always be in my heart.

A couple of weeks later I visited two rescue Tuxedo Cat brothers who were just adorable but I decided as I still had Pharoah, three cats were too much for me to deal with.

A couple of weeks after that, just for the heck of it, I looked at the website for the City of Los Angeles Animal Services, read about the available Tuxedo Cats, wrote down the names, and drove over there.

Even though I had not really decided I was ready to adopt just one month after Friday’s passing, I took the cat carrier with me just in case.

The city animal shelter in West LA certainly has improved since the last time I was there eighteen years ago. It is like a hotel for dogs, cats and rabbits. There are small rooms where six to eight cats can comingle. I assume they take turns being removed from the cages.


Keyboards make really comfortable pillows.

I interviewed four older Tuxedos in the five-year-old range as I had decided I didn’t want a kitten but a more mature cat closer to Pharoah’s age (he is coming up on eight). They were nice cats but none of them really seemed like the right fit. Besides, I wasn’t in a hurry to adopt.

The animal services lady who was helping me kept mentioning this young cat, Romeo. He was ten months old. His owner had recently died, the family couldn’t keep him, and he needed a home right away. But I told her I didn’t want a cat that young.


After his nap, Freddie decides it’s time to set up his own email account.

However, after the other cats failed to impress me, I agreed to take a look at Romeo.

It was love at first sight on Romeo’s part. Or maybe he was just determined to be adopted by whoever would take him home that same day, no questions asked!!!


Freddie may be a high-tech cat but he has respect for the past as he takes a nap on my first personal computer ever… the 1985 KayPro 2 that I use as a foot rest under my desk!

We were put in a private room. I walked back and forth with Romeo following at my heels. I sat down and Romeo immediately jumped on my lap, then started rubbing his head all over my face. Bleaaaaah. He wasn’t interested in playing with toys, just being with me.

How could I say no?


And most important of all, this is where the food dishes are located.

After the proper paperwork was filled out, as he was already fixed, we popped him into the carrier and into the car for the drive home.

Good golly! Friday had a raucous meow but he could not compete with the ear-shattering sounds coming out of this little animal. The whole car was shaking with the lion-like roaring! What had I done?

Fortunately, once we got home all the meowing stopped.


Freddie is already learning to pose for the camera to show off his beautiful markings.

He has been a member of the household for eleven days now. He has settled in so well it could be eleven years. Of course, there was the normal hissing and teeth-baring the first few days between Pharoah and Freddie, but it is mostly over now.

Pharoah doesn’t mind Freddie coming up to him and sniffing him out. He even lets him share his toys.

So now I know I made the right decision adopting another cat only one month after Friday’s departure.


Although I like his original name, Romeo, I renamed him Freddie in honor of Freddie Mercury of Queen. I think there’s a resemblance, don’t you? {:>)


Freddie Mercury – HQ – Freddie Mercury Photo (31872953) – Fanpop

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Thanks for the memories and rest in peace – Friday – 1995 to 2013

friday cat painting

This is the hardest blog post I have ever had to write. But I also feel privileged to be writing it.

My beloved Tuxedo Cat, Friday, passed away yesterday, on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at eighteen years of age. Above is one of the paintings I did of him.

Friday, as I knew him, had stopped being Friday some weeks before. And about five days ago he stopped eating. Going from about 10 ounces of canned food a day (because of his hyperthyroidism) to nothing, I knew he was telling me it was the end. He also started walking around in circles and pacing up and down yowling his head off.

friday cat painting

For some time now I have been caught between not wanting to end his life too soon and not wanting to prolong it, only for my benefit. So I decided by not eating, his message was clear. I am grateful for that. Another of my paintings of him. He was a great model!

I adopted Friday at eight months old in November, 1995. I was interested in another cat at the animal shelter. But a gentleman who was hanging around there pointed out this big, muscular cat who was waving his paw out of the cage. “What about this one,” he asked. I don’t know why I didn’t notice him before but it was love at first sight.

The cat had to be transported to the vet to be fixed and I picked him up there the next day. It was a Friday. And so he was named.

friday cat painting

This is a hand-painted ceramic tile I fired in my kiln.

At first he wasn’t that friendly and hated to be picked up. I nicknamed him Mr. Wriggly as all four legs, head and tail wriggled around whenever I picked him up to give him a hug. And he was such a strong cat I couldn’t hold him for more than a few seconds. Ugh, that was not his thing at all.

But after a couple of months of this he was waiting for me at the front door every night when I came home, meowing to be be picked up and hugged. Hugging became his favorite thing in life. Claws digging into my skin as if he couldn’t get close enough.

I believe he must have been raised with a dog and thought that was what he was. His tail wagged all the time and he followed me around like a puppy. I was constantly tripping over him. In the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, up and down the stairs, it didn’t matter. Wherever I was, there was Friday, usually ahead of me!

If I talked on the phone he would be annoyed and try to climb up my legs. Working on the computer he would lie across the keyboard or in front of the monitor so I couldn’t see what I was doing.

I have to take my blood pressure every morning and keep very still and calm. This didn’t phase Friday as he would jump in my lap or get tangled up in the cable. No wonder my blood pressure readings were always so high!

friday cat painting

Another ceramic piece I painted.

When anybody came to the house he would be at the front door greeting them. Whenever I gave a party he would go from guest to guest making sure everybody knew he was the star of the show. Of course, he did have his favorites! And once I could not find Friday anywhere. One of my guests told me he was standing out on the sidewalk welcoming everybody to the party!

I had to be very careful opening the front door as he would shoot out down the stairs at lightning speed. He had a lovely roof deck and front balcony to enjoy the outdoors. But he rarely took advantage of that. Nothing was as fun as escaping out the front door. Even when he got out of the building he wouldn’t go very far. He was not an adventurous outdoor cat. Given a choice between being outside or inside, he preferred to be indoors.

He had some unusual habits. Every morning he liked to jump up on the washbasin in the bathroom and take a drink out of the faucet. But he wasn’t happy until I put down a line of jojoba oil for him to lick up. I researched this on the internet to make sure it was okay and it seemed the only side effect was a very shiny coat!

And when I turned on the hair dryer he had to have his turn under it. Oh, he would get really mad if he didn’t get his turn. Those nasty claws would be digging into my leg. The closer the hair dryer was to his skin, the more he liked it. Once or twice I could smell his fur singeing but he only begged for more!

At night he loved to sleep behind my pillow. Sometimes I would wake up in the morning unable to turn my neck, only to discover that he had wrapped his body around my head. Some days he would wake me up by licking and tugging at my hair. Yuck. I had to pull the sheet up around my head and at that point he would crawl under the covers.

friday cat painting

Well, he didn’t exactly come to Mykonos, Greece with me but I painted him into this tile anyway!

When he first came to live with me I realized he could be very aggressive. One minute he was overly lovey dovey. The next he would be biting my arm. It became such a problem that at night when I was sleeping he was biting my cheeks and nose and drawing blood. I had so many bruises and wounds on my face that my co-workers even believed I was being abused by my boyfriend…. yes, my four-legged one!

My vet put him on a very low dose of amitriptyline. I was desperate and decided I didn’t care if it shortened his life (obviously it didn’t) or changed his personality. I just couldn’t live with this cat any longer, so it was drugs or back to the animal shelter. It was a miracle. Not only did it halt his aggressive tendencies but he still maintained all his wonderful Friday characteristics.

And, whereas before I could not have another cat because Friday had tried to kill three other cats when they were introduced into the household, he was now docile enough to try again. I adopted Pharoah and although there was one horrible fight in the beginning when Friday proved his dominance once and for all, after that peace reigned. (And, fortunately Pharoah, who had moved from home to home in his short six months of life, was so happy to have a permanent place to live he didn’t mind playing second fiddle.)


Friday and Pharoah trying to share the sofa.

I could tell so many stories about Friday. He was a one-of-a-kind cat. I have had cats all my life but he will always stand out.

A friend of mine wrote to me today to say that as Friday had died yesterday, his passing had made room for another spirit to enter the world in the form of a baby prince. That was the kind of cat he was. So as I watch the latest heir to the British throne grow up, I will think of Friday. Watch out world! He will be very outgoing. A meeter and greeter, always demanding attention, if that is the case! That was a beautiful thing for my friend to say, and I am willing to accept it as true.

cat friday

So, farewell, my good pal, and I’ll be looking for you next time I open the laundry basket!

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Southern California cat enjoying the sunshine

southern california cat

As a southern California cat, my friend Friday the Tuxedo Cat enjoys stretching out in the sunny spots. Some mornings, even in sunny southern California, the sun does not stream in through the windows. Friday, rightfully so, blames me for this with loud meows as it is my job to see to all his comforts.

southern california cat

But usually by late morning or early afternoon the sun is out and all is well. I don’t get the credit for that, but as long as my friend is happy, that is all that counts! 

Two of Friday’s favorite spots to catch the rays: on the ironing board and on the first stair leading up to my office. I always have to look before I step as you never know who might be lurking there.

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