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Feline Friday – #119 – in the sun

We’ve been having our share of gloom and/or rain lately. These Southern California cats didn’t know what to do with themselves. So as soon as a few rays of sun came through the office window, they were both on it.

Freddie decided to give Frankie a gentle washing which he often likes to do. It usually ends with Frankie enjoying it for a few minutes then turning around and biting Freddie. So I was waiting for it.

To my amazement, when Freddie turned away Frankie started to wash him. I was still waiting for that bite and Freddie running off. But it never happened. After a while they both finished up the job by washing themselves.

A few days ago it seemed the only sliver of sunshine in the entire house fell on these boxes of printer paper. Not to miss out, Frankie slumped over the boxes and caught those rays. Where there is sunshine, there you will find a cat.


Southern California cats making the most of the sunshine


As much as I enjoy lurching out into Los Angeles with the sole purpose of exploring neighborhoods and taking photos, I do have other areas of my life that need attention. So right now I have to restrain myself until I get caught up with some other business and personal matters.

my cat friday

In the meantime, here is a photo of my 18 1/2 year old Tuxedo cat Friday. He is an indoor cat by choice and rarely takes the opportunity to sit out on the deck or balcony. But he likes to follow the sun around the house and sometimes it’s hard to tell where the sun ends and the cat begins!

my cat pharoah

On the other hand, my eight year old champagne tabby cat Pharoah lives out on the roof deck most of the day and on the front balcony in the evening. But as a southern California cat, if the temperature dips much below 70F (21C) he prefers to stretch out on the day bed in my office. I know the feeling.

Pharoah has the uncanny ability to take naps standing up. I have seen him do this for up to an hour without moving a muscle.

So, as my cats’ lifestyles are so different, not to mention their temperaments, they pretty much stay out of each others’ way.

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