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Feline Friday – #112 – two sofa stretch

Freddie has plenty of scratching posts and scratching boxes around the house. But there is nothing better than a sofa… or a love seat… to manicure those claws. I have a fitted cover on both the sofa and love seat with throws on top that are easily washable. But Freddie still manages to dig down to the sofas anyway.


After a good scratch on the love seat, Freddie is checking out the sofa.


Okay, prospects look good over there. But he is reluctant to let go of the hold he has on the love seat. Can he sustain this stretch?


Yes! With every ounce of his feline strength he has achieved his goal! Freddie has won the 2019 Cat Olympics Gold Medal for the Two-Sofa-Stretch!


Feline Friday – #111 – the real blogger

It’s no secret who the real author of Feline Friday is… and here he is staying up late to make sure the latest edition hits the presses, although a couple of days late!

Freddie is a big fan of the Simon’s Cat cartoons, one of which is on the computer screen behind him.


It’s been hot here recently… even in temperate Culver City with the sea breezes wafting up Ballona Creek… the temperatures have been in the 90s (F). The boys have been taking advantage of the cool porcelain and the breezes coming through the bathroom window.

One of Frankie’s jobs is to guard the cat litter… and he takes this position very seriously

And Freddie is keeping the herbs warm. My one kale plant is kindly sharing it’s pot with The Giant Cat. The plant is very resilient. It’s been growing new leaves for months that I pick and add to my salad. When Freddie gets out of the pot, the kale bounces back up and gets on with its life.

When I ran out of grass for Freddie a while back (I grow it from seeds), he ate some of the dill seedlings instead. The dill bounced back too and is now doing really well with new shoots coming up in the pot. I learned my lesson and he now has plenty of grass.



Feline Friday – #110 – Wild Bill

This furry feline was running through the Crazy Horse Memorial Tourist Center (South Dakota) as I was running in the opposite direction. He/she stopped in front of me for an emergency wash so I was just able to grab a quick shot, albeit out of focus. In that split second, I couldn’t decide if it was more important to aim at the cat or Wild Bill Hickok! My motto is always to grab a bad shot than no shot at all!

I am now in the process of recovering from the trip through South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Utah. We covered a lot of ground in eight days… visiting some places I had not seen before and some old favorites. The older I get, the longer it takes me to deflate after a trip…. so I’m still working on it!

As always, Frankie and Freddie texted me every day to keep me posted on their exploits while I was away. My traveling companions told me these texts were the highlight of the trip! I won’t bore you with all of them, just a small sample.

F&F in their favorite room… the bathroom. Their two permanent expressions… Frankie (in the background) looking disdainful and Freddie looking like he was caught by surprise.

Frankie decided to sleep in the ceramic bowl where I keep the postcards from some of my trips and some that other people send me… by the time I got home the bowl was empty with the postcards all over the floor.

Surprise, surprise… Freddie looking surprised again!

I’m happy to be home. I’m in the process of sorting through hundreds of photos and posting some to Facebook. Later on I’ll post my favorites to this blog.


Feline Friday – #109 – good places to sleep

I packed some household items into a box which I left by the front door to take out to the garage in order to donate them to Goodwill. When I attempted to pick up the box I felt some movement inside the box. A snake?

A little nose appeared in the opening of the box. No, I don’t think this is a snake. Just a Monster.

Lucky for Frankie the Monster he decided to make an appearance before I left him at the Goodwill dropoff!

Later on I sat out on the deck to enjoy the last of the sun’s rays. Frankie jumped on my stomach and settled down. Freddie The Giant Cat was not happy with this arrangement so he very uncharacteristically pushed Frankie out of the way and settled on my stomach himself, forcing Frankie to slide down to my knees.

I was surprised that Frankie accepted this but perhaps he was too comfy to argue. Good thing I only have two cats or I would need longer legs.


Feline Friday – #108 – the non-recyclable plastic bag

I already posted this photo to Facebook as soon as this happened, so if you already saw it over there you know the story… just close your eyes and pass on by!

This is one of the reasons plastic bags are so dangerous for the environment.

Freddie the Giant Cat ran into my office as I was working at the computer meowing loudly at me. I figured he was ready for more food but it wasn’t dinner time yet.

He took off and ran down the stairs. So I decided to follow him down anyway as I could hear some rustling of paper going on downstairs so thought I had better investigate.

When I got to the kitchen I saw Frankie the Monster entangled in this plastic bag rolling around on the floor in an attempt to extricate himself.

Like any good photographer I ran for my camera and took a photo of Frankie before helping him out of the bag!

As a good Samaritan I had picked the plastic bag out of the recycling bin before placing the bins curbside. My neighbors insist on throwing their non-recyclable items like plastic bags, styrofoam, carpeting, dirty food containers, etc. in the recycling bins.

As we all know by now, China and other Asian countries are refusing to take our recycling materials because they are so contaminated. And the recycling they have accepted in the past is now floating around in the polluted oceans. Recycling should be a matter of quality not quantity.

I try not to bring any kind of single-use plastic into the house to start with. But when it does come through the front door I re-use it when I shop for produce or for packing up trash or for cat litter/poop or anything else that saves me from having to acquire a brand new plastic bag or container. But that’s just me!


Feline Friday – #107 – posers or poseurs

This pose scared me. Is Freddie morphing into a boombox or is the boombox morphing into Freddie?

A poseur is someone who poses for effect, or behaves affectedly, who affects a particular attitude, character or manner to impress others, or who pretends to belong to a particular group. (en.wikipedia.org). Sometimes I get the feeling this definition fits Frankie to a T… or is that an F for Feline?



In the above two photos Freddie is demonstrating two of his favorite sleep positions. So far I’ve catalogued 1,237 distinct different positions (!)

I’m not crazy about either of the cats sleeping on the desk but at least Frankie fits in between the keyboard and monitor somewhat better than Freddie The Giant Cat


Hey, Freddie knows good art when he sees it so he likes to snuggle up to my painting of the Alaskan Fjords in this tiny basket.

Frankie Freddie

Surprisingly, Frankie is more of a book worm… and he admires my tile collection too!

These guys certainly look like they are sleeping the slumber of the dead but I hope they don’t need that final expense life insurance anytime soon!

Oh no, Freddie did it again. He hit the power switch with his Big Butt and just as Columbo was about to explain how he figured out who the murderer was, the TV shut off. This happens about five times an hour. And, you may notice he knocked the antenna off on to the floor. But I have to admit I’m getting a better picture now!


Feline Friday – #106 – Tomatomania

descanso gardens

The last weekend of March a friend invited me to accompany her to Tomatomania at Descanso Gardens. She wanted to buy tomato plants for her garden. I told her I wouldn’t buy any as I wasn’t sure they would grow on my deck. But of course when we arrived and I saw all those beautiful tomato plants I couldn’t resist buying three. What the heck.



Freddie immediately took up the job of Guardian of the Tomato Plants without regard to his own welfare or safety. That’s the kind of cat he is.


With Freddie as Protector, the tomato plants went crazy in the following three months, taking over the deck.

tomato bowl

This is a typical crop for one day. The toms come in three colors: black, copper and bright red. They have slightly different flavors accordingly.


Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, there aren’t any chicken or fish flavored tomatoes for the boys. But Freddie evidently appreciates the aesthetic qualities provided by a perfect, round, ripe tom!


While Frankie, on the other hand, is laughing his head off thinking all this fuss about tomatoes is a big joke…


Feline Friday – #105 – the scary day


Frankie in the towel cupboard

Yesterday was a very scary day for Frankie and Freddie… and all animals… wild or pets. The cats were already on edge because of the yoyos in the neighborhood letting off illegal fireworks in the creek for several days before July the Fourth.

Then at 10:33am the 6.4 earthquake struck. I was sitting upstairs working on the computer in my loft when I felt and heard the building creaking and then swaying. I walked VERY gingerly downstairs to the living room feeling like I was on a roller coaster. Although the epicenter was 100 miles away it was the strongest quake I have felt since moving in here 18 years ago. Not nearly as strong as the 1994 Northridge earthquake when I was living about a mile away, but the epicenter of that one was more local.

And what we feel in this neighborhood depends on how the faults are connected.

Frankie took refuge in the towel cupboard and would not come out all day! Freddie was much more laid back about the whole thing but he generally follows me around the house anyway so it’s hard to tell how concerned he was. Here he is on the scanner behind my desk so I can turn around and give him a scratch every now and again.

There were after shocks all day. And living in LA, of course there are numerous fireworks shows all over the city. From about 7:30pm until 10:30 it sounded like a war out there. Some explosions were so loud they shook the building. Some years I leave the building to enjoy fireworks with friends. But yesterday I was home and I’m glad because I believe it gave the cats some reassurance that all was well.




Feline Friday – #104 – life on the balcony


After days of June Gloom, which Frankie blamed on me, the sun finally came out yesterday afternoon and he didn’t lose any time getting out to the front balcony to greet it. I don’t suppose I’ll get any credit for bringing the sun back…

frankie and freddieFrankie and Freddie on the outside looking in… hmmm… guess I need to wash those windows!


The screen door fell off the sliding glass doors… I couldn’t figure out why… now I think I have a clue!



One of my Christmas cactus plants died… couldn’t have anything to do with Frankie sitting in it, could it? This one seems to be fighting back so far.