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Fabulous Felines – #131 – formerly known as Feline Friday

Frankie says: not only is this a cozy box to hang out in but it also makes a wonderful scratching pad… especially at 2:00am when the sound ricochets around the house.

Frankie and Freddie had a conference when I was out of the house and informed me that they can no longer keep up with the schedule of Feline Friday. This was a huge relief to me and honestly, the only reason I didn’t change it myself was because I thought they were attached to the idea of Feline Friday. We unanimously decided to change the name to Fabulous Felines. 

This photo of Fitzbo (on the top shelf) and Foothill (on the bottom shelf) is a throwback to the late 1980s/early 1990s. Fitz was a girl and Foothill was a boy. They were devoted to each other.  

Freddie just wanted to drop in to remind us that Frankie isn’t the only one who does boxes.


Feline Friday – #20 – Foothill lives on


I was looking through some old photos to pick one for today’s post. I came across some photos from around 1985. Is that REALLY 30 years ago?

The cat in the above photo is Foothill.

freddie cat

The cat in the second photo (taken about a year ago) is Freddie, my current cat.

foothill cat

As you can see, Foothill is missing his tail. He was in an argument with a garage door and he lost. But it never slowed him down.

freddie cat

This last photo is Freddie again, from a few months ago.

As I was looking at the photos of Foothill it blew me away how similar his markings are to Freddie’s. I never thought about it before.

When I went to the shelter for a new cat in 2013 (after my Tuxedo Friday passed away) I was looking for a full blown Tuxedo cat. But when Freddie decided to adopt me, what could I do? So I came home without a Tuxedo cat… but now I realize I have another Foothill.

Maybe Foothill was waiting to be reincarnated into the right body!

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