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Feline Friday – #64 – using up the roll


Looking through boxes of old photos I found these two images of Friday and Pharoah.

By this time (June 2005) I had a very early Olympus point & shoot 1.5 pixel digital camera. But I took my trusty Olympus point & shoot film camera on my trip to Italy.

When I got home I still had two frames left on my last roll of film. So I took photos of my two cats at the time, my naughty Tuxedo Friday (pictured above, since deceased) and my sweet Champagne Tabby Pharoah (below, still with us), who I had just adopted a couple of months previously to my trip. Friday was NOT happy that I had left him for two weeks with Pharoah. But that’s a whole other story!


In the days of film I didn’t want to waste a frame! I then sent the roll of film off to make prints and to be digitized on a CD.

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