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Feline Friday – #120 – New Year’s, laundry and stairs

I was about to relocate the cat condo by the front window because of lack of use when Freddie decided it was time to reclaim it. Everything goes around and comes around. Here he is early in the day of New Year’s Eve.

Freddie is such a party animal. He enjoyed those disco lights on New Year’s Eve as the night progressed. When I first bought the cat condo several years ago I felt bad because I didn’t think Freddie would be able to fit into it… but that hasn’t deterred him. Frankie does fit in it but it’s not his favorite place.

Frankie has his own places that he doesn’t fit into. Today a package arrived. I put the empty box on the floor intending to break it down and put it in the recycling bin. But that didn’t happen. Within two minutes Frankie had appropriated it. What did I expect?

As we now know, Frankie likes to sleep in weird places wherever there is some sun. This is his version of being comfortable.

I managed to get most of the clothes out of the dryer before Freddie hopped in. Yes, it’s nice and warm and cozy in there and this is why when I take my clothes out of the dryer they are already covered in cat hair. I never leave home without it!

My system, if you can call it that, is to take everything out of the dryer and throw it on the rocking chair in the bedroom before folding and hanging. Sometimes, within seconds, a cat curls up in the middle of the clean items. But lately Freddie has his own system. Can you spot the cat? He is the big bulge under the rocking chair cover at lower left.

After residing on the kitchen counters for a couple of months, Frankie moved his living quarters to the top stair before the roof deck. And now his latest hangout is on the stairs from my office to the bedroom/bathroom level.

He has lived here before which almost turned into a disaster. At night it’s very dark going down the stairs but as I run up and down all the time, I didn’t always turn on the light in the stairway. One night I was walking down the stairs and felt something squishy under my foot just before I took a dive head first down to the cat drinking fountain.

I ended up on my stomach wrapped around the fountain with water all around as I listened to the pump groaning with no water in the bowl. I laid there for a while… I don’t know how long… I couldn’t move. Eventually I was able to pull myself up holding on to the railing… then I shuffled downstairs on my butt to the living room. I had to walk with a cane for a couple of weeks but I recovered. Needless to say I always turn the light on now. Good thing as I would never have known he was sleeping on the stairs again!



Feline Friday – #119 – in the sun

We’ve been having our share of gloom and/or rain lately. These Southern California cats didn’t know what to do with themselves. So as soon as a few rays of sun came through the office window, they were both on it.

Freddie decided to give Frankie a gentle washing which he often likes to do. It usually ends with Frankie enjoying it for a few minutes then turning around and biting Freddie. So I was waiting for it.

To my amazement, when Freddie turned away Frankie started to wash him. I was still waiting for that bite and Freddie running off. But it never happened. After a while they both finished up the job by washing themselves.

A few days ago it seemed the only sliver of sunshine in the entire house fell on these boxes of printer paper. Not to miss out, Frankie slumped over the boxes and caught those rays. Where there is sunshine, there you will find a cat.


Feline Friday – #118 – keeping warm

It’s been chilly here by Southern California standards in the 50s and 60s F (10s and 15s C) during the day… sometimes in the 40s F (4s C) at night  My place is like an open plan barn with high ceilings and lots of stairs. It’s impossible to heat in the winter or cool in the summer even with the central heating or a/c going full blast. In chilly weather I just bundle up and deal with it. After all, I had plenty of practice growing up in England !

The cats have their fur coats so I don’t worry about them too much. Yesterday I looked everywhere for Freddie… he didn’t turn up in any of his usual places. I walked around with a dish of food but he didn’t appear. I called his name but he ignored me. Okay, whatever.

I decided it was time to turn on the holiday lights in the window. As I turned back into the living room I noticed a piece of paper or a towel sticking out of the cat condo. Once in a while the cats curl up on the top but never go inside. As I bent down to see what was in there, I was met by a glaring eye. Freddie, what are you doing in there? He refused to tell me so I surmised it was a warm cozy place to stay out of the chilly drafts whipping around the room.

In other news, Frankie has left the kitchen! He has continued to sleep in the basket on the kitchen counter during the day then at night retreat to the top stair just before the roof deck door. The past few days when it’s been really cold, he has spent the daytime hours up there too. We all know heat rises and it seems Frankie has figured that out as well. The temperature at the top of my place is a good ten degrees warmer than in the living room on the first level… and the kitchen is even colder. And it’s also a good location to see what’s going on out on the deck (hummingbirds, finches, crows, etc) and to keep an eye on me just a few steps down in my office.

Another good place to stay out of the chill is to hide between the sofa and the throw cover. This probably has more to do with Freddie using the sofa as a scratching pad (which the cover was supposed to prevent) than keeping warm… but it’s possibly serving two purposes. It’s also a good opportunity to show off his magnificent tail!



Feline Friday – #117 – at rest and at play

The saga of Frankie in the kitchen continues. He moved from the toaster to the other countertop. But now he has returned to the side where I use the toaster and French coffee press. He has taken up residence in the basket where I (used to) ripen the avocados. He does still go out on the front balcony to bask in the sun. And a few days ago he started venturing into the rest of the house again. But after running around the living room and bathroom he races back to his basket in the kitchen.

For Thanksgiving I bought a poinsettia for myself and a friend (in appreciation of the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner she invited me to). I took the plants out of their paper shields. Freddie and Frankie immediately pounced on them. Frankie ducked inside one while Freddie decided to stay outside to play and observe. By the time I gave the poinsettia to my friend, both the paper shields were in shreds. She is a cat person so she understood.

As soon as I sit down at my desk Freddie comes along and blocks my view of the computer monitor. He has an obsession with sleeping between my keyboard and the monitor. I get mad at him and try to push him to the side… again and again and again. Eventually he gets tired of this and moves to the blanket I have draped over the back of my chair. He doesn’t look too comfortable there but as long as I’m sitting in the chair he seems to enjoy sleeping there.


Feline Friday – #116 – catnip

Uh oh. I decided to grow some catnip from seed. I put the pot on the second shelf of the baker’s rack out of reach of Freddie. There was absolutely no room for Freddie to jump up there and get to the catnip. As usual I was wrong. Freddie has been snacking on the catnip and getting even sillier than he already is.

Frankie has absolutely no interest in catnip at all… dried or fresh.


Feline Friday – #115 – winner and loser

I gave up trying to keep Frankie off the kitchen counter. So I decided to concede gracefully and give Frankie his own space. As usual with any battle between feline and human, he wins and I lose. But at least he isn’t camped out on the toaster oven anymore. (See Feline Friday #114.)

But good news. He is spending a few hours a day basking in the sun on the front balcony. So I have high hopes that eventually he will move on and take up residence in a more suitable location in the house.

In the meantime Freddie continues to occupy more than his share of space on my desk.


Feline Friday – #114 – that cat is toast

That cat is toast! Hey don’t blame me. Would I put my beloved cat in a toaster… well, sometimes I feel like it with Frankie as he is SO naughty. Disclaimer before I get mail: I do NOT in any way condone this behavior. And the toaster is not plugged in.

I know, as usual, I am behind on responding to my followers and commenting on your posts. The days and weeks are not long enough for everything I do. I get up early and go to bed late. My days are full. I need an unpaid assistant!

Frankie has gone berserk lately. He lives in different areas of the house for about a month at a time. On the toilet tank. In a box by the front door. On the window sill. On a chair in the living room. Then he moves on to the next place. He craves having me pick him up to cuddle. Then he jumps out of my arms to wherever his current residence may be. I have no idea what is going on!

Right now I’m pissed off because I can’t use my toaster oven! Can’t wait for him to move to his next living space.



Feline Friday – #113 – recycling

We are conscientious recyclers at our house and that includes the cats. But Frankie got a little carried away.

Yeah, there are days I would like to recycle Frankie… more often than not. But he isn’t on the list of recyclables.

Of course this doesn’t stop my neighbors from throwing food, clothing and coat hangers in the recycling bins!


Feline Friday – #112 – two sofa stretch

Freddie has plenty of scratching posts and scratching boxes around the house. But there is nothing better than a sofa… or a love seat… to manicure those claws. I have a fitted cover on both the sofa and love seat with throws on top that are easily washable. But Freddie still manages to dig down to the sofas anyway.


After a good scratch on the love seat, Freddie is checking out the sofa.


Okay, prospects look good over there. But he is reluctant to let go of the hold he has on the love seat. Can he sustain this stretch?


Yes! With every ounce of his feline strength he has achieved his goal! Freddie has won the 2019 Cat Olympics Gold Medal for the Two-Sofa-Stretch!


Feline Friday – #111 – the real blogger

It’s no secret who the real author of Feline Friday is… and here he is staying up late to make sure the latest edition hits the presses, although a couple of days late!

Freddie is a big fan of the Simon’s Cat cartoons, one of which is on the computer screen behind him.


It’s been hot here recently… even in temperate Culver City with the sea breezes wafting up Ballona Creek… the temperatures have been in the 90s (F). The boys have been taking advantage of the cool porcelain and the breezes coming through the bathroom window.

One of Frankie’s jobs is to guard the cat litter… and he takes this position very seriously

And Freddie is keeping the herbs warm. My one kale plant is kindly sharing it’s pot with The Giant Cat. The plant is very resilient. It’s been growing new leaves for months that I pick and add to my salad. When Freddie gets out of the pot, the kale bounces back up and gets on with its life.

When I ran out of grass for Freddie a while back (I grow it from seeds), he ate some of the dill seedlings instead. The dill bounced back too and is now doing really well with new shoots coming up in the pot. I learned my lesson and he now has plenty of grass.