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Feline Friday – Pharoah celebrates my 200th post

cat pharoah on pillows

Evidently I don’t have enough going on in my life already as I decided to start a Feline Friday post. I am going to TRY to post something related to my cats… and maybe other people’s cats… every Friday. I’m not very good at doing anything on a regular basis or following through on things like this… but we will see what happens.

cat pharoah on pillows

I decided to start with my oldest cat, a champagne tabby named Pharoah. He is ten years old, born at a truck stop in Fresno, California, and found by a trucker who brought him to a shelter in Los Angeles.

I call him “The King of Pillows” as the loveseat by the window is one of his favorite sunny spots for a siesta. Sometimes I don’t even see him there… he looks just like another throw pillow.

Coincidentally this is my 200th post on this blog. I didn’t plan anything special but it works out nicely that Pharoah is here to help me celebrate.

Pharoah was six months old when I adopted him but even at that young age he had been in several homes for “behavioral” problems. I’ve never had a problem with him. With me he has always been serene and content. He is my good boy!

I was studying Egyptian history at the time, he liked to pose just like a Sphynx and he was the color of the Saharan sands… hence the name.

After all these years he still exhibits his feral nature. If I move up on him too fast he will run off. If I put my hands out to stroke him he will run off. That fear is innate in him.

But he loves to sleep on top of me during the night. No matter how much I toss and turn he is like a ship remaining upright in a rough sea. But if I sit up, he will run off. His favorite place to interact with me is behind the stair railings. He sits on the stairs and lets me reach my hand through the railings so I can can stroke him or brush him. Then he feels secure. He also likes to eat there.

He has had a feral eye virus since the beginning. Two vets wanted to remove the eye but with his feral behavior there is no way I could help him with recuperation after the surgery. His eye never seems to bother him as I have never seen him paw the eye or complain in any way.

Fortunately I discovered Lysene treats and granules that I mix in his food. That has kept the eye problem at bay for the most part. It is a miracle. When he isn’t sleepy he opens both eyes wide. I just happened to catch him here taking a half-awake nap!

Stay tuned, let’s see if I can do Feline Friday again next week!

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