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An eight and a half minute walk down the ramp at Culver City Park


With my knowledge of Los Angeles a friend suggested I should make short videos of the neighborhoods. I’m very new to making videos so I can only improve from here. This is a walk I did on March 22 at Culver City Park which is just a couple of blocks from my house at the end of the street. Right now I’m staying in my own neighborhood but when we get the all clear for the coronavirus lockdown I hope to be walking around other parts of LA. I did hardly any narration on this but I intend to talk about the architecture and history of the areas I visit.


Anyway, this is my first experiment. If you stand up and march in place you will get an 8.5 minute outdoor workout without leaving home!

Author: RMW

I am an explorer and creative person. I've had many jobs, careers and interests... everything in life and the universe fascinates me. Born in Brighton, England, I've lived my entire adult life in Los Angeles, California. A few years ago I rediscovered photography which is a great excuse to get outside and look. I'm also in the process of re-writing some of my unpublished short stories and possibly a novel. .

7 thoughts on “An eight and a half minute walk down the ramp at Culver City Park

  1. Before I read your remarks at the end, I thought the same thing about walking in place! This was so cool, Rosyln. That walking path is incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it. Do you know how long it took to construct? I’m surprised people passing don’t greet each other, or maybe they were simply nodding and passing a smile. I’ll look forward to more video…I really enjoyed this one! I’m glad you didn’t fall and smash your face! πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing!

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    • I really don’t remember how long it took… a couple (?) of years ago it was completely replaced as it was getting very scary to walk on. I don’t remember how long that took either. Even though the park is at the end of my street I don’t visit that often… every time I tell myself I have to visit on a more regular basis but you know how that goes! Too many places to see and things to do… at least in normal times! As for greeting, I usually try to walk around with an intentional smile and look at people… sometimes they smile back, sometimes say hi… I think people are mostly in their own private little worlds. And in this case I had the camera in front of my face and people were attempting to avoid being on camera!

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  2. Great walking path!


  3. Perhaps not so quick going up than going down!


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