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The giant Cheetos Puff sighting on our way to the pier


shuttle fuel tank

My friend K wanted to ride the new Expo Line extension to Santa Monica on Sunday. After my experience on Friday (see post here) I warned her the train would be stuffed to the gills but she didn’t believe me. And she wanted to go anyway.

At the Culver City station I mentioned we really would be better off riding to downtown LA first so we would have a better chance at a seat on the train. The train to downtown arrived so we jumped on it.

Friday was a day of milestones in Los Angeles. Not only the first day of the passenger train all the way to Santa Monica, but also the day the external fuel tank for the space shuttle arrived at Marina del Rey after its journey from New Orleans through the Panama Canal.

As we neared the California Science Center I scoured Exposition Park just in case there was a sighting of the fuel tank. Sure enough, peeking through the trees I saw the giant orange Cheetos Puff.  We had a split second to make a decision to jump off the train before the doors closed, which we did.external fuel tank

Apparently it was being readied to be housed in a temporary enclosure so we were lucky to see it outside. A new museum is being built for the Endeavour shuttle where the shuttle will be displayed upright with the fuel tank attached. This is the only fuel tank in existence so Los Angeles was fortunate to receive it from NASA. It weighs 66,000 lbs. (about 29,937 kilograms) and is as tall as a 15-story building.

We decided to eat lunch at the Science Center as I could imagine finding a place to eat in Santa Monica would be next to impossible with the hoards of people arriving on the Expo Line. Since Trimana took over the restaurant at the Science Center (and Natural History Museum) they have a pretty decent menu.

And absolutely the best mushroom veggie burger in the universe. I was sure I had taken a photo of it on a previous visit but I can’t find it anywhere on my computer. So now I guess I have to go back soon to order another one so I can take a photo. Rats, a blogger’s work is never done!

We finally made it to Santa Monica. As I predicted, the train was standing room only. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and who could resist a train trip to the beach?expo line

We could see that throngs of people were lining the pier so we didn’t even attempt it. As our tummies were already full we were happy to turn around after a short walk and ride the rails back to Culver City. As it was only early afternoon most people were still enjoying Santa Monica so we had no problem boarding the train.

expo line

As it had been a pretty hectic three days for me: Expo Line to Santa Monica opening day on Friday, a visit to the Los Angeles Zoo on Saturday (blog post coming up) and Sunday’s adventure, I was happy to get back to good old Culver City and my sofa!

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13 thoughts on “The giant Cheetos Puff sighting on our way to the pier

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  2. I enjoyed your blog, Roslyn — your city adventure, the giant Cheetoh and the Santa Monica pier. I gasped when I saw the “throngs” of people — you weren’t kidding! I found the fuel tank fascinating — so huge! Thanks so much.


  3. Very nice blog, Roslyn!


  4. Truly a Friday of milestones in LA..Roslyn!Gigantic the orange fuel tank and very informative the link you provided.How they managed to manipulate it in a metropolitan area;and it’s going to take 13-18 hrs to reach the California Science Centre.Who dubbed it “Cheeto Puff?Such an apt nickname.Glad you had such an exciting Sunday.


    • I named it the Cheetos Puff. I used to love eating those things… but no more. Los Angeles is experienced with moving large objects through the streets… so it went smoothly.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh those things,they are so morish …


  6. Great photos of the “Giant Orange Puff”. Loved your article..it was as though I was there with you!


    • That’s funny because I felt like you WERE there with me! That was a fun day, so glad you wanted to ride the rails as otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to see the giant cheese puff!


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