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Dark, dreary, dismal day in Venice


venice californiaWithout going into all the details, I was on a mission to walk around the Venice Canals and Beach. I took the Culver City Bus #1 which travels along Washington Blvd. Starting out in Culver City around 10:30am the sun had not yet broken through. This is known as June Gloom which in the past several years has seeped into Gray May. Until last year I had never know this condition to last all day but now there are indeed some days when the skies stubbornly stay murky with the sun only struggling to show through. Not very often, but nevertheless it is one more new weather event.

venice california

As if the drizzling rain and chilly temps weren’t already bad enough, I discovered that the canals are being dredged by the City of LA for some kind of maintenance or refurbishment project. As you can see, the boats are beached and thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands, of shelled animals have died on the shores.

venice california

I can’t find any information about when the project will be completed. But right now is not the time for a walking tour!

venice california

Fortunately, in the past I’ve taken plenty of picturesque photos of the picturesque canals. So on this day I decided to concentrate on the details. This fence is a creative way to recycle wood.

venice-061015-024-C-800px venice california

This pink flamingo fence always amuses me. I think the rust spots add to the charm.

venice california

There isn’t much bird life out and about on the canals right now as I imagine much of the food supply has disappeared. I waited for quite a while to see if Mother Duck would give her ducklings a swimming lesson but evidently the murky water wasn’t inviting enough. The water level is normally halfway up the second layer of stone slabs.

venice california

I hope this egret was able to scrape up some lunch.

venice california

This cat obviously wasn’t worrying about where lunch was coming from.

venice california

This cactus has a nice fur coat to keep him warm on a June Gloom day!

venice-061015-095-C-800px venice californiaMr. Ant on the top photo was probably looking for some sweet morsel. The brown tubes, past their peak, look as beautiful to me as the fresh green ones.

venice california

Garden gate. I was just using my macro lens at this point so some day I’ll get a shot of the whole gate. But this detail of the top is fascinating in itself.

Some random flowers growing in front yards.

venice california

I wish I had taken more care to get the middle flower in focus but I didn’t realize how beautiful this was until I saw it on the computer screen.

venice california

Another well-fed feline, king of his domain.

venice california

My question is, which came first… the red geraniums or the red fence posts?

You never know what you are going to find when you look. One of the things I love about photography… it makes me pay attention to the details.

venice california

I interpret this as “I am a Miss who is Understood”… but you can be negative if you want!

Ten days later: we are experiencing higher temperatures once again and the sun is emerging in the afternoons from the morning grunge. But weird weather indeed… we never know what to expect anymore.

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Author: RMW

I am an explorer and creative person. I've had many jobs, careers and interests... everything in life and the universe fascinates me. Born in Brighton, England, I've lived my entire adult life in Los Angeles, California. A few years ago I rediscovered photography which is a great excuse to get outside and look. I'm also in the process of re-writing some of my unpublished short stories and possibly a novel. .

17 thoughts on “Dark, dreary, dismal day in Venice

  1. I hope they get the project completed so the waterlife can return to its equilibrium, Ros.

    You certainly made the most of the photo opportunities, though. Nicely done.


  2. Venice looks different when the water is so low. Enjoyed the walk and the tour. Thank you, Roslyn! 🙂


  3. I like your interpretation of “Miss Understood.” I agree, Rosilyn. Great photos!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thanks for taking us along! I loved the two cats in their chairs. Thanks for the recent visit and comment to my blog! I wish I had the patience to photograph as you do.


  5. OMG! Venice Canal is a precious place in Venice. Looks awful to see it that way. They better hurry up and bring back the life there was. Good thing the rich homes are still maintaining their houses well, something to ogle around. 😀 Love the gate close …. up. 🙂


  6. Lovely photos, full of character.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. What a beautiful post. There are interesting flowers in Venice.


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