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The big crash


My computer went down for the final time… kerasssh! Fortunately I was all backed up… I hope..

It’s kinda hard to post from my smartphone… so I’ll see you in a couple of weeks or so when my new computer arrives and is all set up.

Happy New Year to all.



Author: RMW

I am an explorer and creative person. I've had many jobs, careers and interests... everything in life and the universe fascinates me. Born in Brighton, England, I've lived my entire adult life in Los Angeles, California. A few years ago I rediscovered photography which is a great excuse to get outside and look. I'm also in the process of re-writing some of my unpublished short stories and possibly a novel. .

6 thoughts on “The big crash

  1. Best wishes for 2015 !


  2. Not a great start for you, but hopefully your new computer will be up and running soon. Happy New Year.


  3. Definitively not the best start, but from now on, everything can only go better, it’s a great way of seeing this 🙂 ! Best wishes for 2015


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