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Reflections in a pond and art gallery


huntington library reflections

On Thursday I took advantage of another free day at the Huntington Library in San Marino. I didn’t take a lot of photos this time as I was concentrating on the art galleries.

huntington library reflections

But while I was waiting for a friend I took these pics of the reflections in the pond (lake?) at the Chinese Gardens.

huntington library reflections

And as much as I love to see the Lotuses in bloom, I’m always fascinated by the dry, brown winter versions of the plants. Just as beautiful in their own way.

huntington library reflections

Before and after catching up with my friend, I wandered through the galleries. Probably the most famous paintings at the Huntington are The Blue Boy, (1770) by Thomas Gainsborough and Thomas Lawrence’s Pinkie (1794). But I can’t say they are my favorites.

In the same gallery are some other stunning portraits from that era by Joshua Reynolds, George Romney and Thomas Gainsborough. I’m really not usually a fan of this kind of painting, but when I spent some time studying each one instead of just breezing by I was stunned by the skill and craftsmanship. I especially enjoyed Anne Killigrew, Mrs. Kirke by Anthony van Dyck (scroll down the page).

There are also some paintings by two of my favorite British artists, J. M. W. Turner and John Constable. On one of my trips to England my friends took me to “Constable Country” so I stood in front of a painting of the Stour, remembering my visit.

I’ll probably wait until the spring when all the flowers are out before my next visit. But since discovering how easy it is to get to the museum by train (although it is quite a trek with three trains and two long walks) AND being able to take advantage of the free days, the Huntington is becoming one of my favorite haunts.

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26 thoughts on “Reflections in a pond and art gallery

  1. Stunning pix, Roslyn. Very French Impressionistic.
    I’m kinda glad I was late for lunch!


    • Thanks, TL…. wish you could have stayed longer… although you definitely saw the best of the photo exhibit… the other photographer specialized in people in black and white and I didn’t enjoy is as much as the first half!


  2. Beautiful gardens photos, Ros.

    I just showed your header photo to my dear wife Karen, who grew up in Sunland Tujunga, and she says it’s to the right, maybe on the other side of the range. She agrees that your header photo is outstanding, and remembers seeing the snow up there from the angle you shot your photograph.


    • I know Sunland/Tujunga very well. The photo was taken with my Olympus point and shoot a few years back when we had that white stuff…. I don’t remember seeing any last year and who knows if there will be any this winter. The photo was taken from Baldwin Overlook in Culver City.


      • Karen says she didn’t get to see Los Angeles like that very much and loves the photo! She saw it with the snow like that a couple of times. She moved here to Syracuse in 1981. 🙂


    • WP isn’t letting me reply on your last comment so I’m replying here…. Well, if Karen left in 1981 the LA downtown skyline would be unrecognizable to her as most of our skyscrapers were built since the 1980s. And in the 70s the smog was so bad we didn’t have too many clear views of the mountains! Things have changed…


  3. Love these cool photos, Roslyn, especially the fourth. The first one is a beautiful capture!


    • Thanks Amy. I wasn’t even thinking they were going to be anything special but once I tweaked them in Lightroom I have to admit I was pleased.


  4. Yes, they do look fascinating in their winter form! 🙂 And that sun’s still sparkling away!


  5. Beautifully caught reflections. I agree about the lotus they are still quite majestic in their brown gowns. Being originally English I love the paintings of Turner and Constable.


  6. Beautiful reflections! 🙂


  7. Lovely photos, beautiful reflections.


  8. Thank you Chris.


  9. Beautiful pictures! There really is something about the lotuses after they have died that is beautiful in a unique way.


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  11. I love gardens and parks…it looks really beautiful! Nice post. bye. K.


  12. This is the one. I love the framing of the last image. All of them are very nice!


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