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Feline Friday – Frankie’s one year anniversary


Cat Frankie

Could you resist those mournful eyes?

Wow, two weeks in a row I’ve managed to post Feline Friday! Could there be a third… and more?

So, this post is all about Frankie. He adopted me exactly one year ago today. Now, I always say that cats (and dogs) adopt their humans and not the other way around. And in Frankie’s case it was truly the case as I wasn’t at all interested in him at the beginning.

Cat Frankie

As soon as I unwrap a package Frankie is rolling around in the packing paper.

Freddie had adopted me six months earlier and as he was a rambunctious young cat I decided he needed a companion closer to his age. So I returned to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter.

My first trip I didn’t see any cats I wanted to take home. I spent quite some time there looking at and holding cats. But none of them appealed to me. There was this one especially obnoxious cat named Romeo (just like the cat I had adopted previously who was now Freddie).

Cat Frankie

Frankie likes to sit out on the front balcony and watch all the different kinds of birds… from crows to hummingbirds to colorful finches… who visit the melaleuca trees.

This second Romeo was turning cartwheels in his cage and landing upside down with his paws sticking out of the cage. He had incredibly mournful eyes so I decided to give him a spin.

When he was put in my arms he clung to me but when we were together in the private room he forgot about me and all he was interested in was careening around bumping into things. As Freddie was already more than I could handle I figured this cat was the last thing I needed. So back in his cage he went.

Cat Frankie

Here he is showing off both his extra front paws.

When I left the I remember seeing his big pitiful eyes staring at me and I swear I heard him say, “Don’t leave me here!”

That night he was all I could think about. The next day I stopped by the shelter on my way home. It was close to closing but I figured I had enough time to hold a couple of cats and say hello to “Romeo.”

As soon as he saw me he started rattling the bars on his cage. “Over here, I’m over here,” I could hear him saying. I put my finger between the bars and stroked his head. He loved that. But as he was looking up at me I had the feeling I was looking at a rat, not a cat. He just wasn’t my idea of a cute cat.

That night I couldn’t sleep. All I could see was his rat-like face pleading with me to take him home. (BTW, I’m now over that and think he is very pretty.)

The next day I knew that several more cats were going to be ready for adoption. So in the morning I went back to interview a few more. There was Romeo doing his best to get his head through the bars of the cage and literally jumping up and down to get my attention. Everybody else was quietly napping or washing themselves.

I held three more cats but there was absolutely no connection.

So I asked to hold Romeo again. He immediately shoved his head under my chin and wrapped his “arms” around my neck. He was purring loudly and I could feel the vibration. If he couldn’t be the most handsome cat in the universe he was proving to me he could be the most affectionate!

Cat Frankie

I took this photo one year ago. He didn’t have to be invited to make himself at home! He immediately took over the house and has been the boss since day one!

I told the technician I really wasn’t sure about him and didn’t want to make a mistake adopting him. She told me I could take him home for a trial period and return him if he didn’t work out. Like that was going to happen!

The end of this story is that he and Freddie became immediate best friends. And Frankie is now my love child. He is sleeping next to me on my desk as I type this. He is the sweetest cat… and the naughtiest… but I couldn’t imagine life without him!

You can view my original post about adopting a second Romeo here.

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7 thoughts on “Feline Friday – Frankie’s one year anniversary

  1. Hooray for you, Rosyln, having two cats win your heart like that. Very nice indeed.


  2. Sometimes they know better than we do!


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