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Ambling around Marina del Rey – part one – Fisherman’s Village


fisherman's village - marina del rey

For the past year, every time I have seen the Culver City Bus #7 careening down Culver Boulevard towards Marina del Rey, I have said to myself, Roslyn, one of these days you should jump on that bus and have a nice little walk around the Marina.

One day last week one frustration after another (mostly dealing with tech support at a company I won’t mention) pushed me over the edge. I was really angry. I could feel the blood pulsing against the top of my skull like it was going to break through and spurt all over my office.

I told myself nothing was worth getting myself in such a tizzy. I had to get out of the house and away from the computer. Especially as I had no internet service and it looked like it would not be turned back on until that night due to a person or persons confusing 8:00 AM with 8:00 PM! Okay, I’m still not mentioning the company.

Where to go? The grocery store, the pet store, the water store? No, I didn’t feel like driving. Ah, I decided “one of these days” had arrived at last. I checked to make sure I had enough money on my TAP card and walked the block and a half to the bus stop.

Apparently the #7 line is not the busiest route, especially in the middle of the day… non-rush hour. At that time of day they run a mini-bus, not even big enough to justify a rear door. Very cute. The bus driver was very cute too! I was the sole passenger on the entire route which takes about 20 minutes from Culver City to the end of the line at Fisherman’s Village.

I had no real agenda, just to amble around and take a few photos.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Fisherman’s Village is located on Fiji Way on the easternmost channel of Marina del Rey, the world’s largest man-made small boat harbor. The Marina was created in the 1960s so I am guessing the Village was built around the same time. The buildings lining the waterfront are supposed to simulate a New England fishing village which I have always found rather odd. There is nothing about the area that in any way, shape or form reminds me of New England. A Mexican or Spanish fishing village would be more appropriate, in line with our heritage.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Fisherman’s Village was created as a tourist attraction but as far as I can tell, it never really took off. There are some souvenir and t-shirt shops, but during the week, most of the stores are closed. I did notice a couple of tour buses (the hop-on, hop-off variety) stopping by. But then I realized that it is the starting point for one of the routes, so that makes sense.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

However, two of my favorite restaurants are located at Fisherman’s Village: Shanghai Red’s (pictured above) and El Torito. Shanghai Red’s has a decent lunch buffet. El Torito serves dependable California-style Mexican food. And there is nothing like enjoying lunch or dinner with a view of sailboats gliding by or pelicans diving into the water.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

But on this trip I was not there for the food. Just sauntering around admiring the view.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Marina del Rey, or the Marina for short… we all know what we are talking about… is comprised of 19 marinas with approximately 6,500 boats. The harbor itself lies within unincorporated Los Angeles County, hence the LA County Sheriff’s boats lined up at the dock.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Hornblower charter boat across the channel.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

LA County Fire Department at the ready, including the official surfboard.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

A “school” of students learning how to sail… somebody has to be last… but hopefully not left behind.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Sea birds waiting patiently for the fishing boats to come in.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Is somebody going to open a case of this 7-up or do I have to do it myself?

fisherman's village - marina del rey

A great day for working on the suntan.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

Maybe if I lie here long enough a fish will jump into my mouth.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

“La Mer.” I’ve always had an affinity for the sea. I love to visit the mountains and the desert but I have to live within striking distance of the ocean in case I have an emergency need to see it. Today was one of those days. Culver City is approximately 5 miles from the ocean (Venice) as the seagull flies.

fisherman's village - marina del rey

If you can’t get to the Louvre in Paris, all you gotta do is take the bus to the Marina for a little culture! To tell you the truth, I’ve never been a fan of the painting. And when I saw it in person my feelings did not change. Small, dark, roped off in a corner, surrounded by hundreds of people. I’ll take this one, thank you. Don’t get me wrong, despite the Mona Lisa, I do love the Louvre and hope to go back!

fisherman's village - marina del rey

A little bit of color. Note all the condo and apartment buildings across the channel. So ends part one. The next post covers a different area of the Marina.

A little scrap of trivia: the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which controls internet naming all over the globe, was originally located in an office in Marina del Rey. It has now moved a mile or two inland to Playa Vista. I pass by that black glass encased building all the time on my way to Home Depot and had no idea all my URLS, and everyone else’s all over the world, are overseen in that building. I guess it had to be somewhere on the planet, so why not in sunny southern California? It’s amazing what I learn writing these blog posts!

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5 thoughts on “Ambling around Marina del Rey – part one – Fisherman’s Village

  1. Thank you for the wonderful tour of the Fisherman’s Village!


  2. Your photos are wonderful. I really enjoyed my visit to Fisherman’s Village. Beautiful place. 🙂


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