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The jacs are back!


jacarandas culver city

If you love the color purple as much as I do then this is your favorite time of year in Los Angeles. Purple is bursting forth all over the place! And especially where I live, in Culver City. This view is looking northwest on my street. You can see purple all the way up to the end.

jacaranda trees in culver city

2013 has turned out to be particularly purple as the beautiful jacaranda trees are nothing less than spectacular this year.

jacarandas culver city

Last year was very disappointing as the jacaranda blooms were very spotty. Some trees only bloomed in patches. Others were late blooming so there was no continuity. This year it’s as if they all got together and said okay, we have to get organized and all bloom at the same time to really show people what we can do.

culver city jacarandas

So, thank you, jacarandas. I appreciate the coordinated display. Culver City seems to be especially blessed with this wonderful bounty. This view is looking east towards downtown.

jacarandas culver city

If you compare this with the photo I took at the same location (the Culver City Police Station) in May, 2011, you can see how much fuller the blossoms are. And the palms are a couple of inches taller, aren’t they?

culver city jacarandas

Looking west on Culver Blvd. towards Sony Pictures. On the right is the Kirk Douglas Theater… an intimate live performance venue.

culver city jacarandas

I like the shadows here from the jacaranda trees and the colorful bougainvillea in planters alongside the Sony Pictures building.

culver city jacarandas

I always forget that people from other parts of the world or other parts of this country are not familiar with jacarandas, as those of us living in the LA area are so used to seeing them. Last week one of my tour-goers from Nebraska asked me to talk about those blue-violet trees. You don’t have to ask me twice! I was reminded it was time to walk around my neighborhood, take some photos and post an updated jacaranda blog.

culver city jacarandas

If you want to read (and see) more about jacarandas, two years ago I wrote about these trees on my blog at Jacaranda trees on view in the streets of Culver City. All the photos on this post are brand new for 2013 but as they are just a short walk from my house I may have repeated some of the locations.

This scene above, looking down on my street from the top of Culver Park, is the same view as 2011. See how much better the trees are looking in this 2013 photo taken at the same time of year.

culver city jacaranda

My bus stop outside City Hall where I wait for the #1 Culver City bus (sometimes way too long!). But at least I can’t complain about the view.

culver city jacarandas

A shady walk under the jacarandas along Restaurant Row.

culver-city-views-052713-136-C-850px culver city restaurants

Looking from across the street at downtown’s Restaurant Row.

culver city jacarandas

A purple display to wake you up when you look out of your window at the Culver Hotel first thing in the morning.

culver city jacarandas

A close up of the nicely textured bark.

jacarandas culver city

Iconic image of Culver City. The Culver City sign, jacarandas outside the Irving Thalberg Building at Sony Studios (formerly MGM) and a peek at the rainbow sculpture commemorating the filming of the Wizard of Oz at the studios in the 1930s.

culver city jacarandas

culver city jacarandas

Outside the fire station. Had enough of jacarandas already? No, there can never be too many jacaranda photos!

culver city jacarandas

At the end of my block. Notice the bougainvillea vying for attention over the tile roof. Maybe I’ll do a bougainvillea blog pretty soon.

culver city jacrandas

Just one last photo, I promise. Looking towards the east end of downtown Culver City. The blossoms lying on the sidewalk look as pretty as they do on the trees. Ah, gotta love those shadows!

If I write a jacaranda blog another year I must look for a different part of Los Angeles to take my jacaranda photos!

Please click on all the photos for a larger view.

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I am an explorer and creative person. I've had many jobs, careers and interests... everything in life and the universe fascinates me. Born in Brighton, England, I've lived my entire adult life in Los Angeles, California. A few years ago I rediscovered photography which is a great excuse to get outside and look. I'm also in the process of re-writing some of my unpublished short stories and possibly a novel. .

9 thoughts on “The jacs are back!

  1. You have them there too! They are my favourite tree and Brisbane blooms in the spring time too. Great photos! 🙂


  2. This is gorgeous!


  3. These trees bring back so many memories for me! I grew up around them and love them but never knew what they were called. I just love that purple. 😀


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  5. God! I love the Jacarandas too. Loving the purple here at Third and Fairfax:)


    • I was walking at Fairfax near Venice Blvd on Saturday and was overwhelmed by the richness of the colors of the jacs on that block. If I was driving I would never have stopped to admire them!


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