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A little north of California – Murals of Anchorage, Alaska

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anchorage alaska murals

As the City of Angels has been sweltering in Hellish heat the past few days, my thoughts drifted back to 2008 when some friends and I visited the cooler climes of Alaska. We went in mid May, the week before the official tourist season started, so the trip was fairly inexpensive.

This was my second visit to Alaska. The first time, in 1999, I took a cruise through the Inside Passage. Definitely a trip I would repeat. I have to find the digitized photos. Back then I had JPEGs created when I had the film developed.

In 2008 I wanted to see the interior. So we booked a motor coach tour from Anchorage to Denali National Park. It was fabulous. Different, but equally as wonderful as the cruise had been.

As usual I snapped approximately one billion pictures (okay, a slight exaggeration) so here I am only posting some of the murals we saw in Anchorage. I am a big mural fan so I caught as many as possible. Because of the focal limitations of my Olympus point & shoot camera I had to take several photos of each mural and stitch them together in Photoshop… considering that I think they came out pretty well.

The mural at the top depicts the two clans of the Tlingit people, the Eagle and the Raven.

anchorage alaska murals

One of many murals commemorating the Iditarod dogsled race from Anchorage to Nome. Bennett Rodebaugh’s Fairbanks Airplane Company, pictured at lower right, became part of Wien Alaska Airways, which in turn was the first commercial airline company in Alaska, and one of the first in the US.

anchorage alaska murals

Another Iditarod at the US Post Office and Ship Creek Center.

anchorage alaska murals

Commemorating Iditarod winners from 1973 to 2005. The lady at the right hand side, Dorothy G. Page (1921-1989) was known as the Mother of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. Started in 1967, and revived in 1973, the Iditarod has become the largest dog sled race in the world and Alaska’s most popular sporting event.

Dorothy G. Page (January 23, 1921-November 16, 1989) was best known as "Mother of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race",

How appropriate, but sad. A polar bear mural on the wall of a furrier, David Green. My friend dragged me inside and insisted I try on a fur coat. I have to admit it was beautiful and felt wonderful. But I am sure it looked better on its original owner!

anchorage alaska murals

These colorful walruses looked like they were having a great day.

anchorage alaska murals

A whale the size of several SUVs and her pup swim across a parking lot.

I am sure I missed a lot more terrific murals but I was happy I had the opportunity to see this many.

As our climate heats up I will be thinking more and more about Alaska and I’ll be posting more about this trip, so stay tuned!

Please click on all the photos for a larger view.

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