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Gardens of the World revisited

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gardens of the world

In June of last year some friends and I visited the Gardens of the World in Thousand Oaks and I have wanted to return ever since. You can read my previous blog post here for a little more background information.

Last week my mother’s assisted living group made the 45-minute trip out there from Culver City. (Or about 40 miles (65 km) from downtown Los Angeles.)

Above is a photo of the main building that I took from the bus window. The roof doesn’t really curve like that, the photo is a composite of three photos that I put together in Photoshop, causing that effect.

We have been having some iffy weather lately and I was concerned that the day we picked was going to be overcast or windy. But as it turned out the weather gods were more than kind to us and it was a perfect day.

gardens of the world

We started out with a picnic in a shady area. I always love a picnic.

gardens of the world

After our tummies were full we were all ready for a walk around the gardens. These koi look well fed too.

gardens of the world

The gardens consist of several distinct areas representing different world cultures. If you are looking for some peace and harmony in your life, the Japanese garden will do it.

gardens of the worldgardens of the world

The Italian garden looking toward the main building. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of water falling. It also completely masks the sound of traffic merely a few feet away.

gardens of the worldgardens of the world

English Rose Garden and arbor. April is a good time to visit as although the roses are not at their peak, the landscaping and greenery is gorgeous any time of the year. And as summer draws nearer, the temperature can be several degrees higher than downtown Los Angeles.

gardens of the worldgardens of the world

Nature does a great job of pairing up contrasting colors and making that pallette work.

gardens of the worldgardens of the world

The walking trail is about 1/4 mile (400 m) looping around the different gardens so you get an up front and personal view of them all. The paths are handicapped friendly and if you plan it right you can avoid most of the uphill by going downhill instead!

gardens-of-the-world-041013-050-C-900pxgardens of the world

A cool, shady place to rest or contemplate life for a while. It seems like a million miles away from the big city.

gardens of the worldgardens of the world

The French Garden with its waterfall. The landscaper took advantage of the slope of the land by including the two lovely water structures in the French and Italian gardens. I can’t decide which one I like best. They are both fabulous in their own way.

gardens of the world

Looking towards the Mission Courtyard.

gardens of the worldgardens-of-the-world-041013-062-C-900px

The Mission Courtyard pays homage to the 21 missions located throughout California. Paintings of the missions are displayed on the walls.

gardens of the world

And it’s time to say farewell, adieu, ciao, sayonara to the Gardens of the World once again. But I am sure I will be back some day. Hopefully this little taste will entice you to visit as well.

Please click on all the photos for a larger view.

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