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Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico – City in the Sky


acoma, new mexico

As I am stuck at home sniffing, wheezing, coughing and sneezing with this lousy cold I might as well get some blog posts out of the way.

On the same bus tour of the Albuquerque, New Mexico area that took us to the top of Sandia Peak, we visited Acoma Pueblo, the City in the Sky situated on a 367-foot sandstone bluff at an altitude of 6,460 feet. Founded in 1150 A.D., Acoma Pueblo is the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America.

We started out at the Sky City Cultural Center where our group was split into two to be loaded on to smaller buses to make the climb up to the pueblo.

acoma, new mexico

It was already a cold January day and as the bluff sticks up out of the mountainside, when we stepped out of the buses there was no protection from the wind.

acoma, new mexico

acoma, new mexico

At one point there was some light rain. But the air was clear and the views magnificent.

acoma, new mexico

Life in the pueblo is supposed to be lived as it has for centuries, with no electricity or modern conveniences.

acoma, new mexico

The row of port-a-potties attested to that fact.

acoma, new mexico

Most people who own houses here have other residences in the city. Although on the website it mentions that spiritual leaders live on the mesa year-round.

acoma, new mexico

Evidently there are no interior stairs. These ladders are used to go from floor to floor.

acoma, new mexico

Just a note that photography is limited. You must obtain a permit at the Cultural Center and no video is allowed. One gentleman tried to take his iPad on the tour but was asked to leave it behind.

acoma, new mexico

As you can see, the streets remain unpaved and some of the terrain is rough.

acoma, new mexico

This dog happily followed us around on the tour.

acoma, new mexico

No modern conveniences means no microwave ovens! Try finding room for this oven on your kitchen counter.

acoma, new mexico

After the shower, a beautiful rainbow appeared. If you look closely you will see it was “echoed” to the left.

acoma, new mexico

A new home being constructed. Note the modern windows.

At several locations on the walk we had the opportunity to purchase pottery created by local artisans. I didn’t take any photos as I was not interested in buying anything. Although it was all beautiful I am trying to keep more stuff from coming into my house. You can see some examples here.

acoma, new mexico

We were given a tour of the cemetery and the interior of the San Esteban Del Rey Mission, but no photography was allowed inside.

acoma, new mexico

acoma, new mexico

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  2. Love the views! The rock formations are stunning here 🙂

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