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Encountering The Encounter Restaurant at LAX

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LAX encounter restaurant

I am soooooo far behind with my blog posts. I was out of town for a week and that took its toll. I am not a good traveler. If I could press a button and be at my destination with no fuss or muss, I would give anything for the opportunity. Given that, I could go to some far flung place and be home every night, which would be ideal. But that is a whole other story.

encounter restaurant LAX

Before I left on my business trip I accompanied my mother’s assisted living group to lunch at the Encounter Restaurant at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). If you still haven’t gotten over the 60s you will love the décor. I never watched the cartoon show The Jetsons, but from my limited knowledge of it, that family would fit in perfectly at one of the tables. Probably nobody would even notice they were only cartoon characters.

I have to admit, I almost liked the garish interior design as it seemed to fit the location. But I have to stress “almost.” Perhaps it’s time for an update.

Encounter Restaurant LAX

Taking the elevator up to the top you get a sense of what is to come. Music blared out of the speakers as if preparing you for a night of partying. Except it was midday.

LAX Encounter Restaurant

But once in the restaurant, seated at a table, it was a pleasant experience. There was a nice view of one of the runways with planes arriving and in waiting status. Despite being a bad traveler, being at the airport gives me a rush and I felt like I was on vacation.

LAX encounter restaurant

Usually when we go to lunch as a group we ask for separate checks, or for my mother and I, a check for both of us. However, be warned, we were advised by our waitress that this is not the policy of the Encounter Restaurant. As there were about a dozen of us with three adjoining tables I asked if she could pretend that we were three separate customers and at least give us a separate check for each table. That was acceptable to her. I’m not blaming the waitress for the policy. Nevertheless, that seems like a very arbitrary decision on the part of the restaurant. Surely, the convenience of the customer should be the priority, not the convenience of the restaurant.

lax encounter restaurant

LAX encounter restaurant

I had to make a trip to the bathroom. And I do mean a trip! Back to the sixties, indeed…

I ordered a chicken salad and it was quite tasty. A couple of people ordered the cobb salad which was presented in a very creative way with the avocado cut in wheels packed vertically around the salad. Well, you have to order it to see what I mean!

lax encounter restaurant

lax encounter restaurant

Back down to earth, the view looking up.

It’s been decades since I ate at this restaurant splat in the middle of LAX. I would definitely go back.

lax encounter restaurant

Their website needs updating as it is still advertising an event for 2009. So I would recommend double checking before trusting any of the information on it. There is a cool 360 degree panorama of the view from the restaurant on the website… but be prepared for massive amounts of purple…

lax encounter restaurant

I don’t have a photo of the outside of the entire restaurant but it is an iconic image that I am sure you would recognize. One of these days I will run over to the airport and take my own iconic photo and I can update this post.

lax encounter restaurant

Beautiful hibiscus outside the restaurant.

(Photos copyright roslyn m wilkins. If you want to use any of our photos we are very flattered but please check with us first for terms of usage at artcat@sbcglobal.net. We appreciate your courtesy.)


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