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My day and night in Culver City – part one

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After stretching and grape-vining and cha cha-ing with a Richard Simmons DVD for half an hour in the morning—which is my usual routine—I was still antsy.

Saturday was a lovely, sunny, clear day after days of gloom and rain. So a walk up to the top of Baldwin Overlook seemed like a good idea. The round trip from my front door to the top and back takes me about an hour at a pretty good clip.


And I needed another excuse to practice using my camera. So pesky deadlines for some of my projects be damned, I was out the door.

The photo above is a view from part of the way up. From the right side halfway down is the red tile roof of the Culver City City Hall and spanning all the way to the left is Sony Pictures Entertainment with the Santa Monica Mountains in the background.

Walking is my favorite form of exercise. It probably fits my astrological sign of the Taurus bull. Feet firmly planted on the ground. In the past I have also enjoyed swimming and bike riding but I love the idea of not needing any special equipment other than a pair of good shoes and the immediacy of walking out my front door and hitting the sidewalk.


After a good half hour of uphill I was standing at the top of the Overlook which is a concrete platform 400 feet above sea level. On a good day you get a great view of the mountains, the ocean, downtown LA, and everything else in the LA Basin. Photo above is of downtown LA.


A nice place to rest on the way up with a view of Century city.

It wasn’t the best day I have ever seen. The San Bernardinos were hazy. I am sure they had snow but I couldn’t see it. Nevertherless, giving an A to the days you can see the snow, this was a solid B+. And of course, the exertion of getting up there is A+.culver-city-park-and-overlook-121512-028-C-800px

As I haven’t done the walk in a while I have to admit to taking a break once in a while under the pretense (to myself) of turning around the admiring the view. Okay, have to do this more often. But this year it’s either been too hot, too rainy, too gloomy or too hazy. So many excuses.


There are several ways up by stairs or hiking trail or by road. I share the road with the cars as I can’t trust my arthritic hips, knees and ankles.. it’s easier and safer for me.


The wooden switchback path through Culver Park on the way down.


Courageous participants in the Fulcrum Culver City Ropes Course. No thanks! This is at the bottom of the switchback path.

That same evening I was meeting friends for dinner in downtown Culver City, just a few blocks from my home. How did I get so lucky to be in the center of everything? You can read about that in My day and night in Culver City part two.

(Photos copyright roslyn m wilkins)


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