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Parkers’ Lighthouse at Shoreline Village in Long Beach

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Parkers' Lighthouse

Parkers’ Lighthouse. Some of the group after a lovely lunch.

It’s been several years since I visited Parkers’ Lighthouse at Shoreline Village in Long Beach. The corporation I worked for was located close by so that was always a favorite location for special occasion luncheons and dinners.

When I learned that my mother’s assisted living community, Grandview Palms, was planning a lunch outing there I talked her into going along so I could go too! My mother loves the ocean and she loves fish ‘n chips, so that is always an irresistible combination for her.

The Queen Mary is docked nearby and you get a good view of her when you pull into the parking lot. My mother and I traveled on her from New York, USA to Southampton, England in the sixties. Probably one of her last voyages as she was decommissioned in 1967. I have visited the Queen several times since she was permanently docked at Long Beach and, in fact, will be enjoying brunch on her next month.

View from our table at Parkers' Lighthouse

View from our table at Parkers’ Lighthouse

Parkers’ Lighthouse allows many great views of Shoreline Village. There is nothing, in my estimation, like views of the water when eating a great meal. Many restaurants around the LA area come to mind, such as Shanghai Red’s at Marina del Rey, Duke’s in Malibu, Gladstone’s in Pacific Palisades… the list goes on and on. I could never live in a land-locked city…

View as we were leaving the restaurant

View as we were leaving the restaurant

I ordered the salmon. It comes with rice but the waitress was happy to substitute my favorite: mashed potatoes! The veggies that accompanied it were cooked to a snappy perfection. Nothing worse than soggy veggies.

A couple of people ordered a glass of Merlot. It looked and smelled SO good. But although I admit to being a wino, I knew I had to drive home as soon as we returned to Culver City, and, unlike in days gone by, I am now a wino with limitations. Besides, I had half a bottle waiting for me at home.

Today the weather is “glumpy.” That is the only word I can think of (although it really isn’t a word) to describe it. Cloudy, grey, dismal, a little showery. But yesterday was gorgeous. So we were fortunate to hit the right weather note.

The Village Hat Shop at Shoreline Village

The Village Hat Shop at Shoreline Village

After lunch our leader suggested visiting “The Village Hat Shop.” I am NOT a hat person. I was forced to wear hats during my English childhood and I have a definite aversion to them. However, in southern California that sunshine demands that you wear one for protection from the rays. So I wear hats for that purpose. Nevertheless, visiting a hat shop is not on my top ten list of things to do. But I am always up for something new and different so I ventured inside.

Wow, I am glad I did. So many interesting and fabulous hats. I was particularly taken by two. I was persuaded that one of them was the perfect hat for me. So I plonked down my credit card and made an impulse buy.


My cat refused to pose with this hat on so here it is by itself

A day later I have not regretted it. In fact, as today IS so glumpy, I wore it on my walk up to the store and was glad I did as there was some light rain. I am sure it will now be my number one hat.

So, another adventure with the folks at Grandview came to an end and I look forward to many more.

(Photos copyright roslyn m wilkins)

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