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Picnicking with the butterflies

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Los Angeles County Natural History Museum

Los Angeles County Natural History Museum

It seems I can’t stay away from Exposition Park. A friend and I visited the Science Museum a week ago to see the Cleopatra Exhibit (will be writing a post about that at some point) and four days later I accompanied my mother’s assisted living group to the Butterfly Pavilion at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum.

Picnic at Exposition Park

Picnic at Exposition Park

First of all we had a picnic in the park. It was the perfect day for it—sunny and not too warm. We were entertained by some kids playing nearby. They threw their “football” into a tree where it got stuck and then spent the next fifteen minutes throwing shoes into the tree to dislodge it.

We could imagine that next up would be the shoes getting trapped in the branches. But their hard work and patience was rewarded when the ball came tumbling down on to the ground.

From our spot at the picnic tables we could see the Expo Line trains chasing back and forth. Less than four months ago the trains were still in test phase. Now it seems like they have been with us since the beginning of time. Since June 20 I have already ridden on the new line half a dozen times.

Simple sandwiches, potato chips and fruit salad seem like a gourmet meal when eaten outdoors. Who doesn’t love a picnic? Afterwards, we piled back into the bus and drove over to see the butterflies.

Inside the Butterfly Pavilion

Inside the Butterfly Pavilion

Inside the Butterfly PavilionLooking back at a past blog post I see that I visited the Butterfly Pavilion exactly two years ago in July, 2010. From the NHM website: “More than 53 different butterfly and moth species and an array of plants take up residence every summer for our much-anticipated seasonal exhibit…”

Butterfly on our leaders' hat

This butterfly liked our leaders’ hat

One friendly butterfly landed on our leaders’ hat and seemed to enjoy the ride, flapping its wings, as she walked around the garden.

Butterfly eating lunch

Butterfly eating lunch

As we had been watching the trains earlier, we made the decision to return to Culver City by the Expo Line and meet the bus at the station. Getting everybody on the train with their walkers and wheelchairs was quite an experience, but it was good practice for the train trip we will be taking the residents on next week. I am looking forward to it!

(photos copyright roslyn m wilkins)

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