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A day on the towns: Los Angeles, North Hollywood and Culver City

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Culver City station

Culver City Expo Line station

I am so far behind with my blog posts I decided to start with the most recent adventure. I am having too much fun and not putting in the work to write about it!

Yesterday, two friends and I set off on foot from my house at 7:29am to catch the 8:00am Expo Line train at the Culver City station. I have to allow extra time when I am walking with other people. I realize I do walk a little faster than most people. I was raised in England in an era when you had to run to catch the bus. And after all these decades I am still running for that bus.

We changed trains at the Metro Center in downtown Los Angeles for the Red Line out to North Hollywood. In case you are wondering why that is noteworthy, as the Expo Line started operation on April 28 and the Culver City Station only opened on June 20, this is the first opportunity I have had to travel by train from Culver City all the way out to North Hollywood.

Looking along Lankershim Blvd in North Hollywood

Looking along Lankersheim Blvd in North Hollywood

We were on our way to join the Sierra Club for a walk along Lankershim Blvd.

At the NoHo Metro Station we met up with two other friends.

As we left the station and were walking along the boulevard, two cyclists came towards us illegally riding on the sidewalk. The first cyclist looked like he was going to ride right over me so I stood still so he could more easily ride around me. Instead of slowing down and politely passing me, he glared at me and shouted “Share the road!” in a very belligerent tone. I turned around and yelled at him, “This is the sidewalk!” At least his companion had the decency to stop and let us pass.

For decades I rode my bike everywhere. But I obeyed all the rules of the road and gave the right of way to pedestrians. Not only is that the law but it is the courteous thing to do. Nowadays bicyclists seem to believe they own the roads and the sidewalks. They don’t obey any traffic laws, run through red lights and past stop signs, would rather knock down pedestrians than wait for them, and then complain that THEY don’t have enough rights… give me a break.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Statue of Emmy Award at Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

On the walk I learned that the headquarters for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (the people who bring you the Emmys) is located in North Hollywood.

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Burns and Allen

Academy of Television Arts & Sciences: George Burns and Gracie Allen

In the plaza are busts and statues of performers and other important movers and shakers in TV land.

Statue of Jack Benny at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

Statue of Jack Benny at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences

I don’t have cable TV so I have to rely on pointing the rabbit ears on my TV towards Mount Wilson for my reception. One of the stronger stations is Antenna TV (which for me is Channel 5.2). It’s great. I get to watch all my favorites like Jack Benny, Burns and Allen, Sea Hunt, Alfred Hitchcock and many others from my childhood.

Lankershim Arts Center building

Lankershim Arts Center building

It pays to look down as well as up. I discovered the Lankershim Arts Center building used to be the Municipal Light, Water & Power Building.

The temperature was in the 90s and we were glad to get back to the Metro Station and air conditioning. We all rode the Red Line to the 7th and Flower Metro Center and walked down 7th Street to St. Vincent’s Court which another friend and I had previously discovered on our trip downtown.

An alley way that used to be part of the old Bullocks Department Store is now lined with a collection of small restaurants and coffee shops with outside dining straight out of a Paris postcard. I wrote about this in a previous blog.

historic st. vincent's court

st. vincent's court downtown los angeles

Lunch at St. Vincent’s Court downtown Los Angeles

As one of our group pointed out, it was Bastille Day so what could we do but eat at the French Bistro? While hardly French, they offered a good selection of sandwiches and salads. As we were planning to go to dinner in the evening, I just ate half a tuna sandwich, which was plenty. The freshly made watermelon drink was wonderful.

However, they messed up one of the orders—brought the wrong food to the table, then didn’t correct the order until the rest of us had already finished our food. They would not admit they had made a mistake and told us it was taking a long time because everything is “freshly made.” Hey, just apologize and move on!

Bottega Louie desserts

Bottega Louie desserts

Bottega LouieOn the way back to the Metro Station we made another stop—at Bottega Louie. Unique is a word that is over-used. However, it is entirely appropriate for this eatery. If you crave “les macarons” this is the place for you. The restaurant area is huge and the takeout bakery is close to endless. Fortunately, I don’t like dessert that much (I have enough other addictions) so I didn’t buy anything.

tiles at 7th and Flower Metro Station

Another chance to take photos of the ceramic tiles at 7th and Flower Metro Station

Metro Center at 7th and Flower tiles

Back at the Metro Station, two of our group departed for the NoHo Station to pick up the car they had left there. We three headed back to Culver City.

After a short rest which included watching two episodes of Adam 12 (one of my favorite TV shows that ran from 1968 through 1975, starring Martin Milner and Kent McCord) it was time to walk up to Rocco’s Tavern on Main Street where three of the friends from the day’s adventures, and another friend who joined us, enjoyed Happy Hour with drinks and pizzas.

It was the first time any of us had visited the restaurant. Our waiter was charming and playful without being ingratiating and added to the enjoyment of the evening.

The one negative (certainly not the fault of the restaurant) was that construction was going on next door and the sound of a jack hammer drowned out our conversation on and off. How can Culver City allow construction on a Saturday evening, especially next door to a restaurant where patrons are paying good money for a meal?

But nothing is perfect and I have to say, all in all this was a flea on the back of a beautiful day.

I feel very fortunate to live in Los Angeles and especially Culver City. And to have a selection of diverse and wonderful friends who are willing to join me on my adventures around town(s).

(Photos copyright roslyn m wilkins)

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