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Hot day in the city—cool day at Terranea on the Palos Verdes Peninsula

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palos verdes peninsula terranea

View from Nelson’s Restaurant at Terranea Resort

It was a hot day in the city on Wednesday when seventeen residents and guests from my mother’s senior residence packed into the bus for the hour-long trip to Terranea Resort on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, about 20 miles south of Los Angeles International Airport.

From 1954 to 1987 this piece of land was home to Marineland, the world’s largest oceanarium at the time. Terranea, which opened only a couple of years ago, is a sprawling, 100-acre complex including the hotel, eight restaurants, bungalows, casitas and villas, all with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

terranea-palos verdes peninsula

Catalina Island on the horizon across the water from Terranea

This was a perfect day to visit. As we approached, we could see Catalina Island clearly across the blue and turquoise water. We parked the bus at the hotel entrance where we were transported via golf-cart style shuttles to Nelson’s Restaurant in a park-like setting close to the cliff edge.

The name “Nelson” pays tribute to the TV character Mike Nelson of Sea Hunt (155 episodes from 1958 to 1961). One of the locales for filming the show was Marineland.

terranea palos verdes peninsula

Eating “al fresco” at Nelson’s at Terranea Resort

Eight of us elected to take advantage of this wonderful southern California day by eating our lunch al fresco. It was pleasantly warm outside with cooling breezes under the shade of the umbrella. I chose the Mahi Mahi fish tacos. My mother decided on the Fish ‘n Chips, her favorite dish. As usual, there were too many French fries with her cod so I helped her out!


Seating area with a wonderful view

Outside the restaurant there are plenty of seating areas to enjoy the amazing views including pelicans flying by in formation.


Pelicans flying by in formation

This was my third visit to Terranea. The first time was three or four months ago when I picked up a coach-load of tourists. Why they wanted to trade the idyllic ambience of Terranea for the noise and crowds of Hollywood Boulevard I do not know, but it was not my job to question why. My second visit was a couple of months ago with a friend. I made sure I had freshly recharged batteries in my camera but when I lined up the perfect shot I realized I had forgotten to install a memory card!

terranea palos verdes peninsula

Viewof the Lighthouse on Palos Verdes Peninsula

Of course, with seniors on their walkers it was not possible on this trip to hike around. But until I can arrange to return another day, which I hope will be soon, these photos give you a pretty good taste of how truly beautiful Terranea is.

Click here for photo gallery.

(All photos copyright roslyn m wilkins)


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