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Time out for the World Cup

I will be so glad when the FIFA World Cup is over and I can get my life back.  I am really not a sports fan and when I tell my friends I am glued to the computer screen watching football games, they are mostly incredulous. While I do admit to watching the occasional NASCAR race or cycling tour, sports are not high on my radar.

However, if I was going to be a spectator sports maniac, my game of choice would have to be football, “the beautiful game,” otherwise known as soccer in the United States. As I write this I am doing my best to keep track of two games: England vs Slovenia and USA vs Algeria on ESPN’s split screen. I have the sound up on the England game… and they scored! Yes! Okay, let’s keep it up.

As I’m listening to the sound on the England game I am watching camera shots of Bill Clinton sitting in the stands over on the US game. Very confusing. So now I want to see a goal from the US. I’m sure when they do the cameras will be on Bill celebrating!

As I imagine is true of many people watching the World Cup, my loyalties are split between two countries, which in my case are the United States and England. I was happy when the two sides tied last week. But of the two teams, who would I most like to win the cup? That’s a tough one. As this game is such an intrinsic part of English life, a win for them would probably have more meaning. On the other hand, a US win would encourage the support of soccer in this country. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you might look at it, I probably don’t have to worry about that scenario!

Soccer is, of course, a very physical sport. A couple of weeks ago I sprained my ankle so I feel every fall, slide, and collision of the players on the pitch. As soon as I can once again walk without too much pain I’ll be back writing about my favorite subject, touring around Los Angeles.

Update: A surprise win by the US over Algeria in the last minutes of the match has put the Americans through to the next round as the leaders in their group! Woohoo!